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Application installation tips in Win2000 deployment

A tip that offers advice about how to go about application installations.

Application installation tips in Win2000 deployment
Microsoft Corp.

Chances are you haven't yet installed Windows 2000 system wide in your organization. Here's a tip that offers advice from the horse's mouth about how to go about application installations.

Use the following planning tips as you plan for installing applications in your organizations.

  • Make an early investment in setup authoring. Take the time to lay out your setup process early in the product development cycle.
  • Involve developers in the setup authoring process. This will help uncover dependencies early on.
  • Be aware that Windows Installer validations can affect your application's performance.
  • Avoid reboots during install, whenever possible.
  • Do not add anything to Win.ini, System.ini, Autoexec.bat, or Config.sys files.
  • Require everyone testing your applications to install them using the Windows Installer.
  • Keep in mind that an administrator can advertise your product on the user's Start menu or desktop without fully installing the product. The application will be installed when the user double-clicks on a shortcut or on a document of the type served by your application.
  • Understand and plan for "system file protection" issues.

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