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Auto ending tasks on reboots or shutdowns

Here's a quick fix for automatically ending tasks during reboots.

Ever try to reboot over night just to find out it didn't? I hate when I tell a machine to reboot and it doesn't...

because this app or that app isn't responding.

Here's a quick fix:

Edit HKEY_USER.DEFAULTControlPanelDesktop and add value AutoEndTasks REG_SZ. Set it to 1.

Edit HKEY_USERYourUserIdControl PanelDesktop and add value AutoEndTasks REG_SZ. Set it to 1.

This forces any task, that does not respond to the shutdown, to end.

You can also Add Value of WaitToKillAppTimeout with type REG_SZ. The default: is 20000 milliseconds (20 seconds). If the user process does not end by this time, AutoEndTasks is invoked.

This was last published in July 2001

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