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Automate Outlook tasks

Automate many Outlook tasks by creating shortcuts to the batch files outlined here.

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A previous user suggested a way to create an e-mail message without launching Outlook by creating shortcuts to batch files. This can be expanded to automate many other Outlook tasks.

The following code should be placed in batch files and placed in the directory where Outlook resides (usually C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice). To create an e-mail, you would execute:

Start Outlook.exe //c ipm.note The following table identifies other tasks that can be automated. Simply create batch files replacing "//c ipm.note" with the new parameter:
Create a post          -  /c 
Create an appointment  -  /c ipm.appointment 
Create a task          -  /c ipm.task 
Create a contact       -  /c 
Create a journal entry -  /c ipm.activity 
Create a note          -  /c ipm.stickynote 

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