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Automatically defrag drives with a new context menu item

Create a new Registry import file and automatically defrag drives with a context menu item.

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Create a new registry import file named "context_defrag.inf" in Notepad (be sure to save it with the Save as type set to "All Files" and not "Text Documents") and place the following text inside:

; context_defrag.INF

";" Adds Defrag to the right click context menu in Windows XP



HKCR,"DriveShellDefragcommand",,,"DEFRAG.EXE %1"

Then, right-click and choose install. This will add a context menu to XP that allows you to automatically defrag drives, using the command line version of the built-in defragmentation utility. To use it, navigate to a drive in My Computer, right-click, and choose Defrag. A command line window will appear and that drive will be defragged. When it's complete, the window just disappears.

To remove this functionality, Open regedit.exe and navigate to the following location:


Then delete the defrag folder and close Regedit.

This was last published in June 2002

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