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BackupExec 11d upgrade leads to duplicate job log entries

If you move to Symantec BackupExec 11d from 10d, if you have included the System State in any of your backup jobs imported from 10d, you may find two identical entries for the media server and the System State. Here's a simple procedure to fix that problem.

Just an FYI for those of you moving to Symantec BackupExec 11d from Version10d: There is a documented problem that...

may occur when you upgrade and import your old settings.

Although your backups may run and verify, on the job log you may find the error message "Cannot connect to media server."

If you do get this message, check your Selection List. If you have included the "System State" in any of your backup jobs that were imported from 10d, you may find that you have two identical entries for the media server and the System State.

If this is the case, take the following steps:

  1. Uncheck the System State selection in each Selection List.
  2. Go to Credentials.
  3. Run Check Credentials.
  4. Go back and reselect System State for each backup job.
  5. Run the credentials again.
  6. You should now have only one entry.

After performing the above procedure, our backups now run cleanly without any errors.

Related item: If you have a firewall installed, you must open port 10,000 on the firewall. (I'm not sure why, but support engineering says that this too is a known issue). We have a SonicWall appliance, and I was able to add and create two new groups -- Backup Exec Services and Backup Exec Remote Agent and a new service -- to open port 10000.

One final note: If the system clock is changed (unfortunately, I can't tell you by how much), Backup Exec will fail.

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This was last published in January 2007

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