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Be ready for XP

Find out which computers you can buy for new users or to upgrade your workstation stable.

Be ready for XP
David Gabel

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When you upgrade hardware, it's a good idea to make sure the hardware you get will work with upcoming operating systems. Windows XP is a case in point. It uses a different driver model from Windows 98, which, chances are, is a major operating system for your corporate workstations.

So it could happen that the new operating system won't work as expected on those computers, especially if you have some, shall we say, exotic peripherals running with them. In the case of new computers, it's possible that the same thing could happen, if you chance on a computer that's not compatible.

Microsoft, ever ready to market anything, has charged to the rescue with a web page that lists XP-compatible computers from a variety of OEMs. The site says that you need to have a computer with either Windows 2000 or Windows ME installed and at least 128 MB of RAM. Then it lists the OEMs who have compatible computers, and provides links to the web sites of those manufacturers. You can find more information on those sites. For example, Dell says this about its upgrade kit to Windows XP. "The Dell upgrade kit includes the Microsoft Windows XP operating system upgrade from Microsoft with upgrade manual, plus all the necessary BIOS and drivers you need to upgrade your specific system model with step-by-step instructions, to give you the best possible upgrade experience."

It might be a good idea to check out the site just to make sure things will work right when and if you decide to install Windows XP.

David Gabel is the Executive Technology Editor at's parent site, TechTarget.

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