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Cable modems and Windows 2000 Server

Easy way to make sure cable modem works on Windows 2000 upgrade.

Cable modems and Windows 2000 Server
Duane Urban, CTO
Starway Enterprises L.C., Dracut, Massachusetts

A small company that upgraded to Windows 2000 suddenly found problems with its cable modem. This tip tells how the company solved the problem. Do you have a Windows 2000 tip? Send it in, and we'll post it on our Web site, and enter you in our tips contest for some nifty prizes.

Starway has a small local area network (LAN), and was running a single server with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Service Pack 5, which we just updated to Windows 2000 Server. The custom 233P MM with 128MB RAM, 66MHz bus speed system is running just about every imaginable service, including Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, for one of our company Web sites. It is also used as a workstation while in server mode. We are connected to the Internet via an always-on cable modem, a 3Com 10/100 3C90X-family network interface card (NIC) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client.

Unfortunately, 3Com did not make its Dynamic Access software compatible with Windows 2000, so that once the update was complete neither the LAN nor the Internet connection were configured properly.

The easiest way that we found to get back online and get the LAN working was to uninstall the third-party network configuration software, uninstall both NICs using the Uninstall Hardware Wizard in Windows 2000, restart, and let the Found New Hardware Wizard do the rest. Once done, all the protocols and services needed for connecting to the Internet and LAN were automatically installed. The only thing we had to do to finish was add the appropriate users and reassign permissions.

Duane Urban is CTO, Starway Enterprises L.C., Dracut, Massachusetts.

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