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Can IT communities drive jobs?

Can communities change the landscape of IT hiring and Human Resources?

Just mulling over this tidbit recently. Wouldn't it be interesting if some of the larger IT companies (say, Microsoft) allowed community comments on folks they were thinking of hiring? How would that change the landscape of hiring and Human Resources?

As an example, say there are two people Microsoft is thinking of hiring. The company can put both names out to the community and allow the community to choose. Resumes always look good. But, what really counts is customer opinion, right? What if someone like Microsoft posted, "Hey community! We're thinking of hiring one of these people. Which one do you respect more?"

Maybe, there's a better way for folks like Microsoft to hire the "right" people. Maybe, professionally polished resumes can be a thing of the past. Just a thought.

And, in that same vein, can communities decide what vendor properties are outsourced? I think this one is a bit tougher since it's about the bottom line — but when's the last time you really enjoyed a chat with PSS and figured out that it was someone from India?

Rod Trent, manager of and a Microsoft MVP, is an expert on Microsoft Systems Management Server. He has more than 18 years of IT experience -- eight of which have been dedicated to SMS. He is the author of Microsoft SMS Installer, Admin911: SMS, and IIS 5.0: A Beginner's Guide and has written thousands of articles on technology topics. He can be reached at

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