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Change the Exchange service account passwords on multiple servers

A user responds to a tip for changing the acct svc passwords on multiple Exchange servers w/a solution he says is easier.

User Syed Ateedbuddin Sheeraz responds to Adesh Rampat's July 23, 2001 searchWin2000 Exchange Tip, Changing the service account password on multiple Exchange Servers: The way your tip explained how to change the Exchange service account passwords on multiple servers within the site is not the complete solution. As per my experience, this can be accomplished more easily by performing the following:

  • Open Exchange Administrator and select the Configuration Container for the site.

  • In order to view the Configuration Container's properties, click on File then Properties.

  • Click the Service Account Password Tab.

  • Type the new service account password then click OK.

After making these changes, we need to manually change the password for service account through User Manager for Domains. Otherwise it may stop functioning properly. This is must.

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