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Change your company's default screensaver and wallpaper

Learn how to change your company's default wallpaper or screensaver to be installed on all machines and enabled by default.

Ever get tired of watching the logon screen saver and the blank green/blue screen of NT/2000? Now you can do something...

about it.

Say you want your company's default wallpaper and screensaver to be installed on all machines and furthermore be enabled as default (i.e., if no user is logged on or when the machine just starts). This is how you get about changing it.

First, copy the wallpaper (in .BMP format)to the Winnt folder and install your company screensaver.

(Note: Microsoft doesn't provide support if you play around with the registry, so back it up first just in case!)

  • Now start Regedit.exe.

  • Drill down to [HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelDesktop]

  • Here you will find the following keys:

Here you change the value of these keys by double-clicking on them to the following:

  • "ScreenSaveTimeOut"="60" (This will enable the screensaver after 1 minute of no activity.)

  • "SCRNSAVE.EXE"=" .scr" (Here you will replace the name of the screen saver logon.scr with the name of your company or your personal screensaver eg. Tomjerry.scr.)

  • "Wallpaper"="c:winntMy wallpaper.Bmp" (As it suggests, the name of wallpaper with the complete path.)

  • "TileWallpaper"="0" (Change this value to 1 in case you want to tile your wallpaper.)

    That's it. Restart your machine you're set.

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