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Changing read-only attribute for files created on CD-R

Use ATTRIB -r in the RUN box to replace the read-only attribute for files created on a CD-R.

Files created on a CD-R are automatically given a read-only attribute. When one of these files is copied back to a hard drive, it retains that attribute, and in some circumstances, the folder becomes read-only as well. As a result, certain software will not function, and what's worse is that you cannot always set off the attribute by selecting the properties of the file. Win2000 says it is making the change, but if you exit and come back, the read-only attribute is not replaced.

Instead, use ATTRIB -r in the RUN box. You may have to do each folder and sub-folder and probably individual files because wildcards do not always work. Also, remember that the target must be in double quotes with correct case, e.g. attrib -r "C:TestAnythingtest.doc".

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