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Command line options for Regedit.exe

This user-submitted tip provides a collection of Regedit command line options gathered from a variety of sources.

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Here are some Regedit command line options that I have found through various sources. Please be very careful if using this tip -- It is very easy to damage your machine's configuration.

  • filename: Import .reg files into the registry
  • /a: Export non uni-code
  • /C: Compressfilename (Windows 98)
  • /e: Export a registry file -- Example: RegEdit /e HKCU-Soft.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software
  • /i: Import .reg files into the registry
  • /L: system: Specify the location of the system.dat to use
  • /R:user: Specify the location of the user.dat to use
  • /s: Silent -- Doesn't diplay any dialog boxes for confirmation

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