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Common virtualized Exchange breakdowns

A virtual Exchange infrastructure is no different than a physical one -- problems occur. Check these four causes of failure to solve common virtualized Exchange problems quickly.

A virtual Exchange infrastructure is no different than a physical one -- problems occur. When you’re plagued with an outage, consult infrastructure diagrams, baselines and performance documentation. Then, check these four common causes of failure to solve virtualized Exchange problems quickly.

1. Physical infrastructure: Common infrastructure problems include failures of the physical server, network and storage. Check critical infrastructure points in each of these categories: Core switch, primary storage area network, etc., as well as physical servers on which Exchange virtual machines (VMs) run.

2. Windows network infrastructure: A lack of Windows Active Directory (AD) and DNS server connectivity can wreak havoc on a virtual Exchange environment. When Exchange VMs experience a problem, the cause may be an inability to contact an AD DC or a DNS server.

3. Virtual infrastructure: If the virtual host that’s running an Exchange VM crashes, the VMs will also fail. Use vCenter alerts to detect problems within your virtual infrastructure.

4. Exchange infrastructure: If all physical infrastructure, Windows service and virtual hosts are functioning properly, but you are still experiencing issues, check Exchange services and databases. To do this, use the same methods you would for an Exchange server running on physical hardware.

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