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Communicating with vendors/suppliers

Custom recipients may be a good way to communicate with your vendors/suppliers.

Communicating with vendors/suppliers
Adesh Rampat

There are all sorts of situations for which there are a multitude of solutions. This tip details one way to communicate with frequent correspondents outside the organization, such as vendors and suppliers.

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Various departments in an organization that communicate with vendors/suppliers via e-mail may request that a mailbox be created and included in the Exchange global address list.

The preferred choice would be to set up the vendors/suppliers in Outlook client contact lists. However depending on how the client contacts are set up, the other option might be to create "mailboxes" and apply these mailboxes to a distribution list naming it "Vendor Information." The latter method can create additional Exchange administration headaches for the network administrator, not the least of which is monitoring mailbox storage limits.

But here's another approach: you can create custom recipients instead of mailboxes. To create a custom recipient the following procedures can be performed:

  • Open Exchange Administrator.
  • Highlight The Recipients Folder.
  • Go To File then select New Custom Recipient.
  • Select Internet Address.
  • Enter the SMTP address then click OK.
  • Enter the information, as you want it to appear in the Global Address List
  • Then click OK.

Adesh Rampat has 10 years experience with network and IT administration. He is a member of the Association of Internet Professionals, the Institute for Network Professionals and the International Webmasters Association. He has also lectured extensively on a variety of topics.

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