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Configure Win2k recovery console for unrestricted access to removable media devices

The following explains how to configure Windows 2000 Recovery Console so that you can gain access to removable media devices without restriction.

  1. To enable the security option, start the appropriate Windows 2000 security tool:

    - Local Security Policy (in Administrative tools)
    - Domain Security Policy (in Administrative tools)
    - Domain Controller Security Policy (in Administrative tools)
    - Security Configuration and Analysis (MMC snap-in)

  2. In the MMC console tree pane, expand Local Policies, click Security Options, and then click the following security policy in the details pane:

    - Recovery Console: Allow floppy copy and access to all drives and all folders

  3. On the Action menu, click Security.
  4. When the Local Security Policy Setting dialog box is displayed, click Enabled, and then click OK.
  5. Start into Recovery Console, and then type the following command at a command prompt:

    - set allowremovablemedia = true

You can now copy files to and from a removable media source (for example, a disk).

NOTE: You must retype the set command each time you start into Recovery Console.

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