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Configure a backup device for Remote Storage

The Remote Storage file migration service requires a backup device to migrate the data from the managed volume. Here are the steps for enabling a backup device.

The Remote Storage file migration service requires a backup device to migrate the data from the managed volume. If third-party backup software will be installed on a server running Remote Storage, it is recommended that at least two separate backup devices be installed, but to enable the Removable Storage service to access only one.

The reason for this is to prevent any conflicts with backup devices when both Remote Storage and the backup software want to simultaneously access the device.

If only one backup device is available, try to avoid third-party backup products, unless it is certain that conflicts will not be encountered. Third-party backup agents running backups to remote servers and backup devices do not affect Remote Storage and local backup devices. All backup devices, such as tape drives, robotic tape libraries and CD-ROMs, are enabled by default to be managed by the Removable Storage service. Because Remote Storage uses this service to access the backup devices, a backup device for Remote Storage is configured by enabling the device to the Removable Storage service.

Here are the steps that will allow you to enable a backup device:

  1. Install the backup device or library on the Windows Server 2003 system using the backup device manufacturer's documentation to accomplish this process.
  2. After the backup device is connected, boot up the server and log on using an account with Local Administrator access.
  3. Click Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, Computer Management.
  4. In the left pane, double-click Computer Management (local).
  5. Click the plus sign next to Storage.
  6. Click the plus sign next to Removable Storage.
  7. Click the plus sign next to Libraries.
  8. Right-click the library (backup device) you want and select Properties.
  9. On the General tab of the Device Properties page, check the Enable Drive box and click OK. To prevent the Removable Storage service from using this device, uncheck this box and click OK.

Note: Remote Storage can work with a single-tape device, but robotic tape libraries are recommended for automatically locating and restoring data stored on multiple pieces of media. A single-tape device requires administrator intervention when a file migrated by Remote Storage needs to be restored.

About the author: Rahul Shah currently works at a software firm in India, where he is a systems administrator maintaining Windows servers. He also has experience in testing, analytics and deploying client/server applications in different Windows configurations.

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