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Configure connectors to suppress system messages in Exchange

Use connectors to cut down Exchange chatter.


Configure connectors to suppress system messages in Exchange
Serdar Yegulalp

Connectors in Exchange 2000 can be configured to either allow only system messages or deny only system messages, including read receipts, delivery success/failure messages, replication notifications and messages from the Exchange Monitoring Tool. By default, every connector is set to transmit both system and non-system messages, but you may want to filter out system messages to reduce the amount of traffic over a given connection, especially if your bandwidth is at a premium.

You can set Internet Mail Connectors, Routing Group Connectors or X.400 Connectors to filter out either system or non-system messages. (Note that Exchange Server 5.5 only allows this to be done with X.400 connectors.)

  1. Open the Exchange System Manager, right click on the connector you want to edit and select Properties.

  2. In the Content Restriction tab, look under Allowed Types. Uncheck either System Messages or Non-System Messages to admit only the message types that are checked. Click OK.

  3. Stop and restart the Message Transfer Agent service.

Serdar Yegulalp is the editor of the Windows 2000 Power Users Newsletter.

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