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Configure offline file synchronization policies

If you need Windows 2000 to synchronize subfolders, you have to configure the group policy to make it happen. It doesn't do it by default.

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Offline files let a user continue to work with files from another computer (such as a server), even when that computer isn't available. By default, Windows 2000 synchronizes offline files at logon and logoff; however, by default, Windows 2000 synchronizations don't include subfolders of a folder marked for offline use. If you need Windows 2000 to synchronize those subfolders, configure the group policy to make it happen.


  1. To configure the policy locally, click Start -> Run, and enter "MMC" to start the Microsoft Management Console.


  2. Click Console -> Add/Remove Snap-In.


  3. Select Add, and choose Group Policy from the list. Click Add, verify that Local Computer appears in the Group Policy Object list, and click Finish.


  4. Close the Add/Remove dialog boxes to return to the MMC.


  5. Next, open the Computer Configuration/AdministrativeTemplates/ Network/Offline Files branch.


  6. In the right pane, double-click the policy Subfolders Always Available Offline.


  7. Set it to Enabled and click OK, then close the policy editor.

Now when Windows 2000 synchronizes offline files, subfolders will be included.

Setting the Subfolders Always Available Offline policy ensures that users have access to all of their offline files, and it also cuts down on support time -- you won't have to go on a hunting expedition for files that users thought were available offline but were not.

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