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Control how users send and receive e-mail in Exchange 2003

How to control how users send e-mail and receive e-mail in an Exchange 2003 envirnoment.

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Exchange 2003 offers a new feature in the "Message Delivery" rule that allows you to control how e-mails are received and sent.

If you go to the properties of "Message Delivery," you'll find the tab "Sender Filtering." This tool filters all incoming mail. For example, if you create "*" and also activate it on your SMTP connector, then that domain will be blocked. You can do the same on the "Recipient Filtering" tab so users won't be able to send mail to

In order to active this feature on the SMTP, follow these steps:

Browse to your SMTP virtual connector.
Choose properties and you will see the general tab with "IP Address."
Select "Advanced" and push edit.
Select "Apply Sender Filter", "Apply Recipient Filter" and "Apply Connection Filter".

If you set up Sender and Recipient filtering you need to activate it on every SMTP connector your organization has. This is per each Exchange server.

Now your organization should be a bit more protected against spam and other unwanted e-mail. Of course, you should still use another third-party spam filtering tool to be totally safe.

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