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Control your computer remotely with a Pocket PC

Control your computer remotely with a Pocket PC

Do you use NetOp to remote control your computers and servers? If so, and you have a wireless Windows Mobile device, you'll be interested in the latest release. NetOp for CE devices allow you to remote control a desktop PC from anywhere using a Pocket IE and an Internet connection.

NetOp lets you support your CE devices from any desktop running a NetOp Guest and enables Pocket PC and CE users to access or support desktops. NetOp Remote Control for Windows includes a NetOp Guest for CE and a NetOp Host for CE that can run on a Pocket PC or handheld computer running on the Windows CE operating system.

The capabilities of NetOp Remote Control for CE include remote controlling or being remote controlled by a computer running NetOp Remote Control software by using the TCP/IP or TCP/IP communication device. A NetOp Guest can also transfer files and text chat with a NetOp for CE Host.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Gormly has worked for a leading public accounting firm for the last 15 years. He is a regional technology director responsible for all aspects of technology, including PC support, LAN/WAN infrastructure, telecommunications, project management, training, IT deployments and personnel management.

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