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Crash Course: A tour of Exchange System Manager

Get a VIP tour of Microsoft Exchange System Manager, the primary management console for Exchange Server 2003. You'll learn how to navigate through ESM's various containers and sub-containers, what those containers do, and how to modify their settings and functionality to meet your organization's specific needs.

When you upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, you might feel a bit like a fish out of water; the primary management tool is Exchange System Manager (ESM), rather than the Microsoft Exchange Administrator console. In this crash course, I will show you the finer points of using Exchange System Manager.

Crash Course: A tour of Exchange System Manager

Home: Introduction
Part 1: Getting started
Part 2: Global Settings
Part 3: Recipients
Part 4: Administrative Groups
Part 5: Tools

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Brien is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his work with Windows 2000 Server and IIS. He has served as CIO for a nationwide chain of hospitals and was once in charge of IT security for Fort Knox. As a freelance technical writer, he has written for Microsoft, TechTarget, CNET, ZDNet, MSD2D, Relevant Technologies and other technology companies.

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