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Create Service Account Admins in Exchange 2000

This tip will help you create a "Service Account Admin" account in Exchange 2000.

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Back in the days of Exchange 5.5, you could grant an account "Service Account Admin" status and they would be able to read any mailbox's e-mail messages, as well as perform all administrative tasks in the Exchange system.

Exchange 2000, however, uses Active Directory, and in AD there is no role named "Service Account Admin." All of the directory services of Exchange 2000 come from Active Directory and not from the Exchange directory as they did in Exchange 5.5.

You can grant the same type of rights to a user in Exchange 2000 but the method is just a bit different. You can go about this in one of two ways:

    1. Open Exchange 2000 System Manager as Administrator.
    2. Right click the org (the blue globe at the top of Exchange System Manager screen) and select "Delegate Control", click next, and click ADD.
    3. Browse to the user object that you wish to delegate authority to, and select "Exchange Full Administrator" in the "role" field.

Another way to do this is to create a user ID and make them a member of the "Exchange Domain Servers" group and "Domain Users" group. This account will be able to read all mail, but will have no authority in the domain. (This is useful if you need to create an account that will use the Exchange utility "exmerge.")

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