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Create shortcut toolbars for applications

Find out how to create shortcut toolbars for your most frequently used management applications.

Creating shortcut toolbars for your most frequenty used management applications is simple. Here's how:

  1. Create a new folder for your shorcuts anywhere but on your desktop.
  2. Send a shortcut to the folder to the desktop (right-click the folder, choose Send To, Desktop (create shortcut)).
  3. Drag the shortcut to the edge (top, right or left) of your desktop to make the toolbar.
  4. Customize the toolbar any way you like: auto-hide, text/no text, small/large icons, etc.
  5. Once finished, delete the folder shortcut from your desktop.

This new toolbar is now part of your profile in Windows XP. I use toolbars for remote management apps and general office apps.

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