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Create virtual drives via SUBST.EXE tool

The SUBST.EXE tool can help you create virtual drives by associating a path with a drive letter. Here's a script that shows you how.

The DOS-based SUBST.EXE is an underused but handy tool. SUBST.EXE allows you to to create "virtual" drives by associating a path with a drive letter.

Creating a new drive letter can be very useful when working with deep folder hierarchies as well as when working with projects copied from another system, for example, where some drives/paths may be (for whatever reason) hard-coded.

The following simple script (which can be added to the startup folder and/or left as a shortcut on the desktop), allows a virtual drive to be toggled on and off. When using a shortcut on the desktop, to avoid the customary flash of the DOS window opening, select the shortcut properties and change the "Run:" option to "Minimized."

 Code: @ECHO OFF IF EXIST P: ( SUBST /D P: ) ELSE ( SUBST P: "C:AVeryLongPathToYourWorkingFiles" )


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