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Creating an Outlook new message shortcut

There's a way of creating a new message shortcut in Outlook without actually having to open the application.

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I found a cool way of creating a New Message shortcut in Microsoft Outlook without actually having to open the application. The first step is to create a batch or command file and place it where the Outlook.exe file resides; usually "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeOutlook.exe."

You can name this new file anything you'd like (e.g. "Newmsg.bat") The code below gives you an example of what this file should contain to successfully execute the correct command for the new message item:

@Echo off
Start Outlook.exe //c ipm.note

Next, you need to create a shortcut of the newly created batch file on your desktop, or, you can even set-it up in the programs group of your start menu. I placed mine on my desktop and in my quick-launch toolbar.

This setup saves me time, additional clicks and having to shuffle windows around. Enjoy, and I hope you manage to improve your productivity!

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