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Dealing with Event ID 1022

How to react to, or maybe avoid, this error event.

Event ID 1022 is an Exchange database error. The error normally occurs as a result of hardware errors, especially those of a disk sub system such as device driver, bad hard disk drive or even a faulty disk controller. There are ways that you can deal with this error, and, in fact, help to ensure that you don't get them at all.

The 1022 error results in the database engine requesting a page from disk, but receiving an error from the I/O subsystem instead. When this error occurs the best way to start troubleshooting is by examining the System Log. Start the Event Viewer and click on System Log in the left-hand pane. Of course, you can also run disk diagnostics, such as ScanDisk, available through the Management Console, to determine if the disk has a problem.

A good proactive approach you can apply to detect physical corruptions is to perform regular online backups. Online backup is one of the best ways to determine whether there is a corruption in a database file, because it uses a process that systematically checks every single page in the database. Also setting up redundant disk arrays for the Exchange databases can rule out the possibility of a disk going bad, which can result in corrupted Exchange databases.

System logs can also provide early warning detection of any problems occurring.

Of course periodic visits to the System logs can also provide early warning detection of any problems occurring.

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