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Delete unwanted messages

Quickly delete messages from your mail server -- whether for virus control or confidentiality.

There may be a time when you need to delete messages from your mail server quickly -- be it for virus control or confidential information. This information is based on Microsoft Article Q273560.

You can delete multiple files from your e-mail store by using Exchange 2000 Installable file System (IFS). This is normally mapped as drive M: on an Exchange 2000 computer.

To do this:

  1. Log onto the Exchange server with an account that has permission to access all mailboxes.

  2. Click Start, click Search and then click for files or folders.

  3. In the "search for files or folders named" box, type the subject or part of the subject of the message in question.

  4. In the Look box, click drive M:.

  5. To specify a date, size, or any additional option, click Search Options.

  6. Click Search Now.

  7. Delete the approriate messages in the Search Results pane.

Although it is not mentioned in the Microsoft article, I found it necessary to stop and start the Information Store before this process would completely eliminate the messages.

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