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Display your "Start-up Menu" without having to press F8 on startup

Here is a quick way to display your "Start-up Menu" without having to press F8 on startup.

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Here is a quick way to display your "Start-up Menu" without having to press F8 on startup:

1. Use Explorer and find "Msdos.sys" in the root directory -- it is a hidden file. (Search for "show all files" in Explorer's help index to see how to show hidden files.)

2. Make a copy of the "Msdos.sys" file in your "Temp" or any other directory just, in case.

3. Right-click "Msdos.sys" and select "Properties."

4. Uncheck the "read-only" attribute.

5. Open an MS-DOS window. (Click Start > Programs > MS-DOS Prompt and type edit "C:Msdos.sys.")

6. Under the 91Options93 section, type:

  • BootMenu=1
  • BootMenuDefault=1
  • BootMenuDelay=xx (where xx is the delay in seconds)

    7. Save the file.

    8. In Explorer right-click on "Msdos.sys", select "Properties" and check the read-only attribute.

  • This was last published in May 2002

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