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Documentation on Active Directory -- for free!

Check out what you can learn from this new online documentation on Windows 2000 Server from Microsoft's website.

If you're like me, you'd rather know how to find information than memorize everything. Supposedly that was Einstein's...

disposition as well. Maybe that explains why he often forgot his address and telephone number.

I've been poking around on the Microsoft Web site looking for something new and exciting. I'm constantly amazed by the amount of information available through the Microsoft Web site and the inane complexity of the site and subsequent difficulty I have at actually finding anything.

Nevertheless, I recently found something I wanted to share with you; an online version of the Windows 2000 Server documentation. Some of this material is available through the online help system of Windows 2000, some is available in the Resource Kits, and some is available through TechNet. While online documentation may not impress everyone, I think this is a gold mine, especially if you need to train or educate new administrators or users who have been delegated some level of authority.

There is an entire section on Active Directory. It includes tons of invaluable information, including checklists for installing and configuring AD components, best practices, how-to guides, detailed discussions of AD concepts and issues, and troubleshooting help. If you are not already an AD expert, this online site is a great place to learn a few new tricks and even brush up on concepts and procedures you only thought you understood.

If you have the time, go check out this online resource for yourself at:

James Michael Stewart is a researcher and writer for Lanwrights, Inc.

This was last published in August 2002

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