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Don't overlook the basics when installing Exchange 2000

SearchWin2000 member Osvaldo Brito explains a few key issues you need to know about before installing Exchange 2000.

Is it your first Exchange 2000 installation? Here are some basics you need to know.

  1. You need at least Windows 2000 Server, Active Directory and IIS (with NNTP protocol).

  2. Before you install, check if NNTP protocol is installed with IIS. If NNTP is not installed, Exchange setup will tell you and cancel installation.

  3. To avoid credential problems, logon with an account that belongs to Administrators local group, Schema Admins and Enterprise Admins.

You need these privileges because Exchange 2000 relies on Active Directory and needs to insert its object classes and attributes on Active Directory. Run setup in three rounds:

SETUP /FORESTPREP - prepares forest (wait a long time)

SETUP /DOMAIN - prepares domain (quick)

SETUP - installs Exchange 2000 (time depends on your environment and setup choices)

Don't overlook these basics or you'll be wasting your precious time!

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