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Ease user confusion by creating custom toolbars

Create custom toolbars quickly with this user submitted tip!

This tip was submitted to the SearchWin2000 Tip Exchange by member Tim Fenner. Let other users know how useful it is by rating the tip below.

Use this tip to quickly create custom toolbars that can be used by everyone on your network:

  1. First, create a folder called "shortcuts" on either the network or the local hard drive (the exact name of the folder is not important.)
  2. Add all the shortcuts that your users will be using to this folder.
  3. On each users' PC, right click on any gray area of the "Task Bar" (the area with clock, start button and minimized applications that are running.)
  4. Choose Toolbars > New Toolbar and then navigate to choose the new shortcut folder.
  5. After the toolbar has been created, slide or collapse it as far right as possible until only the name of the toolbar is visible.

Now, when the user needs to find the shortcut to a file or application, they need only select the double arrow next to the toolbar name and a menu will appear showing them all the shortcuts that are in the folder. If there will be a lot of users accessing this new toolbar, you might want to store the folder on the network, but copy it to each PC and make the toolbar run from the local copy to avoid any network slowdown.

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