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Eliminate popup message after installing a Windows Update

Find out how you can eliminate the popup that occurs after you install a Microsoft update and choose to "reboot later."

By now, everyone has experienced the persistent popup that occurs after you install a Microsoft update and choose to "reboot later." Every 10 minutes (although it seems like it's more frequent than that) Windows will prompt you asking if you would like to reboot now or later. There have been occasions when I have been in the middle of working on something very important and accidentally pressed the 'reboot' button because the popup box takes precedence over all other windows when it appears.

The instructions below explain how you can eliminate the popup.

Click on the Start button and choose 'Run.'

Type: gpedit.msc.

Expand Local Computer Policy, Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Windows Update.

Select "Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations."

Choose "Enable" and then type in how many minutes you want to wait.

I selected 480 minutes because I usually reboot my computer before I leave work for the day, so a reminder really is not necessary for me.

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