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Enable Ultra DMA in Win2k

User explains how to set the registry to change Win2k transfer mode to Ultra DMA.

Ultra DMA doesn't seem to be enabled by default in Win2k. To check the current transfer mode (if you have an Ultra DMA hard drive):

Go to Device Manager >> IDE Controllers.
Select a controller and click on Advanced Settings.

Now have a look at the current transfer mode. If its not Ultra DMA and your system supports UDMA, you can enable it in the registry via this key:


Create a Value with the name: EnableUDMA66.

Make it a data type REG_DWORD.

Give it a value of 1.

You can use the "Find" option in Regedit to find the above mentioned key by the way. Remember to only edit the registry if you are sure of what you are doing! And back it up first.

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