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Enforcing logon time restrictions

If group policy logon restrictions aren't forcing off users as they should be, then you'll want to try this.

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If you've set up a group policy to set logon restrictions for certain users to particular hours of the day, you may find at some point that users who should be logged off are not being forced off by the system as they should be. When this happens, try the following:

  1. Open a <CMD> prompt.
  2. Type the following: net accounts //forcelogoff:<minutes> //domain

<Minutes> is the number of minutes after the log on time expires at which a user will be forced off.

The user should receive a warning message <minutes> before the 'forced log off.'

The default setting for the <//forcelogoff> switch is no. When no is set, forced logoff is prevented.

To view the current setting, open a <CMD> prompt and type <net accounts>.

If this returns:

Force user logoff how long after time expires?: Never

Then forced logoff is prevented. It is not recommend to set the <minutes> to 0.

This was last published in February 2003

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