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Everything you wanted to know about Linux

Everything you wanted to know about Linux (but haven't had time to ask)

Linux's rapid growth signals a new career path for NT administrators and developers. Users say the two operating systems interact easily, and some cost-conscious IT shops are using both, adopting low-cost Linux for smaller servers and NT for larger ones.

If you want (or need) to get up to speed on Linux, here are some great sites to visit that offer training options:

Linux Professional Institute (LPI)
Promotes a single, standardized certification program for the Linux community; features course information plus online registration for exams and preparatory classes.

Linux Online Training Guide
Online and live course listings.

Red Hat Certified Engineer Program (RHCE)
Overview of the vendor's certification and training program for systems administrators and network engineers, including curriculum, class descriptions and schedules. The company offers its own classes in four U.S. facilities and one in the U.K.; partner Global Knowledge Inc. offers courses and exams in 20 cities nationwide.

Caldera Systems Inc. Certification Guide
Supports distribution-neutral training that leads to LPI certification (see above); get course descriptions and schedules for Caldera's live classes in Lindon, Utah, and locate myriad nationwide third-party training partners enlisted through its Authorized Linux Education Centers (ALEC) program.

As of early March, listed 178 instructor-led Linux classes from an array of providers, including major vendors of the OS and their education partners, as well as third-party trainers.

By Leslie Goff, a contributing editor based in New York.

This was last published in May 2000

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