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FAQ: Enterprise Windows Computing

The staff has compiled this list of the most frequently asked questions for each Ask the Expert category.



If you're like most IT professionals, you're on a constant quest for answers. The staff has compiled this list of the most frequently asked questions for each category from our Ask the Expert feature. Before posing your question to our experts, browse the questions below, as your question may already have been answered. If you can't find the answer to your problem here, visit the ITKnowledge Exchange, where you can specifically target peers who have experienced and solved similar problems. Or for more learning resources, return to the FAQ homepage.

  SMS & SUS  
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  FAQ: Desktop Management  View all in this category   Table of Contents

  2. What happens if we don't upgrade our NT4 servers before the MS deadline?
  3. How can I prevent a user from erasing the URL history of sites visited?
  4. Can't find former admin's password for Win 2000
  5. Can I give a client temporary local admin rights?
  6. How can I load software under admin but give different users access rights?
  7. Client can't get Outlook 2000 to work
  8. Having problems trying to format my C: Drive
  9. How can I remove the boot-up menu on Windows 2000?
  10. How do I remotely access a Windows 2000 desktop?
  11. How can I recover a lost password on Win XP Pro?


  FAQ: Server Management  View all in this category   Table of Contents
  1. What server is best for optimal security and performance?
  2. Disappearing forwarder info on NT4
  3. Copying Active Directory to a new server
  4. How do I recover a deleted user profile?
  5. Unable to access Windows 2000 Server with administrative password
  6. What is the best approach for creating an exact copy of the C: drive?
  7. Can I connect to two networks with only one NIC?
  8. How can I convert a workgroup server to the primary domain server?
  9. How do I change the product key on a 2003 Server?
  10. Is there any way to speed up the login process?
  11. How can I replace the domain controller machine?
  12. Is there any reason why I can't add a 2003 Server to a domain as DC?


  FAQ: Network Management  View all in this category   Table of Contents
  1. Can I use a server for everyday activities like web browsing?
  2. What's the most efficient way to defrag to avoid data loss?
  3. Why are my client computers having trouble connecting to shared printers?
  4. How do I set up my desktop to be a server and my other PCs as clients?
  5. What are the drawbacks to setting up a domain instead of a basic workgroup?
  6. How do we install extra drive space on our LAN?
  7. How can I determine which ports are running on a Windows machine?
  8. Why does it take so long to connect my Win XP machine to a domain?
  9. Why does my Win XP machine keep getting knocked off the server?
  10. How do I set up DNS for my internal domain?
  11. Is frequent defragging damaging to your hard drive?
  12. Is there a guide to help me configure Win 98 and Win XP on my home network?


  FAQ: SMS and SUS  View all in this category   Table of Contents
  1. How do I connect a server to an SUS server through a firewall?
  2. Why won't SUS work over my VPN?
  3. Why doesn't my workstation receive any patches?
  4. Does the SUS server update all MS server applications?
  5. How can I verify that the SUS client is installed properly?
  6. When do I need to set up SMS secondary site servers?
  7. Why can't cumulative security patches be pushed via SMS?
  8. How do I install software on a client workstation remotely?
  9. Can you manually sync clients with a SUS server?
  10. Will the SUS service affect Terminal Services servers adversely?
  11. Can I install the SMS Advanced Client on Win2k machines with SP2?
  12. Can I distribute any Windows Installer (.msi) application using SMS?

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