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Force Win2k to use a specific inf file

User submitted tip: Force Win2k to use a specific inf file during driver installation

You can force Win2k to use a specific inf file during a driver installation. This can be very useful if you are trying to backup a version.

Here is how you can get Windows 2000 to use the inf file that goes with the driver you are trying to install:

  • When you open the Properties of your device and select the Drives tab, select the Update button. This starts the Update Wizard.

  • On the second screen, select Display a List of Known Devices. Then click on the Have Disk button.

  • Next click on the Browse button.

  • Drill down to find the driver.inf file you want to use to install.

    This has been a pretty straightforward tip till now. Now, my tip is to right click on that driver file and select the Install option. After the short installation click OK. Now Windows will use that inf file to install the driver.

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