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Free up Terminal Services connections remotely

You don't have to walk to the server room to reset unwanted connections in Terminal Services.

Anyone who is using Windows 2000 Terminal Services for remote administration has inevitably run into the two simultaneous connections limit. I've noticed that most people seem to think they have to take a long and painful walk all the way to the server room, and physically log on to the server in order to reset unwanted connections. Good news! It's not necessary!

Simply install the remote administration tools (ADMINPAK.MSI, found in the SYSTEM32 directory on all your servers) on your desktop computer.

When you get the error message that you have exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections:

  • Launch (locally) the "Terminal Services Manager" tool found in the "Administrative Tools" folder.
  • Select your server from the list that appears in the left pane.
  • Under that server's object, you will see all active and disconnected connections.
  • Right click on the connection you want your server to drop, and select Reset.
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