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Get the service pack

Where to go for information and download of the Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1.

Get the service pack
David Gabel

If you're using Exchange 2000, you may not know yet that there is a service pack available for the product. The news isn't exactly blazoned across the Microsoft Web site. In fact, it takes a bit of digging to find it. So for those of you who, like myself, have a lot more to do than surf the voluminous Microsoft site, it seems like a good idea to tell you how to get to the site directly to learn more about the Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2000.

The upgrade has been available for several months, so this tip is nothing new and earthshaking. And this tip is not intended to tell you everything about the service pack. But you can go to the site from the link above and read more than you (probably) wanted to know about the upgrade.

Also available at this location is a download of the patch, and you can also watch a Webcast of the announcement of the patch. At this latter location there is also a link to download a PowerPoint presentation about the new features now available for your Exchange installation.

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David Gabel is executive technology editor for TechTarget.

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