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Group Policy Object security in Windows

Many of our readers have been asking questions about the security of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in Windows so far this year. With this in mind, the February installment of our "Ask the Security Expert" roundup focuses on exactly that. Learn how to manage user access, how to assign GPOs at the OU level and how to assign logon rights in this podcast.

This month's "Ask the Security Expert" roundup focuses on the security of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in Windows....

Networking security experts Brad Dinerman and Wes Noonan share their thoughts on Windows network user rights management, editing GPOs at the OU level, access management on certain machines and how a GPO can stand in the way of Windows security.

Press play to begin the podcast.

  • (1:07) Using GPOs to manage Windows user rights
  • (2:22) How to make changes at the Organizational Unit (OU) level
  • (3:17) Granting access to specific users with Group Policy
  • (5:15) Is a GPO blocking my VPN security scan?

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This was last published in February 2008

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