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HP OpenView and X Windows

Here's how to get X Windows and HP OpenView to communicate.

Using X Windows and OpenView together created some problems for one Tek-Tips user. This tip, excerpted from the HP OpenView forum at covers variable adjustments to view the HP OpenView network map through X Windows.

Question: Does anybody know whether HP OpenView blocks requests from X-Windows? I can remote connect into a Sun Solaris station using an X-Window product, but I am not able to see the HP OpenView network map running on the Solaris console. Is there any reason why this may be the case, and if so, is there a way to rectify it?


  • Try checking the value of the environment variable $DISPLAY. It needs to be set like this: (korn or posix shell)

    export DISPLAY=



    ...where the IP address or the hostname refers not to the Solaris Station, but to the PC (or whatever) that you are using to connect to the Solaris Station.

  • My understanding of XTERM is that you log in with another session so you will not see the one running on the console.

    You can however run OVW from the CDE window or the command line. If you do not have the environment variables set you may have to enter the path: /opt/OV/bin/ovw

    If you are using a PC XTERM package, like Exceed this will send the "DISPLAY" and "export" commands when you start the session. If you wish to see what is on the console you should run VNC. This works like PCANYWARE and can be down loaded from This is available for UNIX and PC platforms.

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