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Handle a former employee's email

This tip provides guidance on how to handle a former employee's email.

When an employee leaves an organization and the administrator deletes the employee's mailbox one lingering problem...

is the outstanding mailing lists to which the employee may have subscribed. The Postmaster mailbox will be bombarded with Non-Delivery reports for mail messages that were sent to the former employees' email address. This can be annoying for the administrator, but worse, it can take up a whole lot of your time cleaning up the information in the Postmaster's mailbox. And you may not be able to unsubscribe from all the mailing lists the employee subscribed to.

Here's a simple idea can help resolve this problem. Create a mailbox and have all incoming mail messages go to this newly created mailbox. To do this perform the following:

  • Create a mailbox and hide it from the global address list. This is to prevent any of the exchange users from sending mail to this mailbox.

  • Select the email addresses tab by going to the mailbox property sheet.

  • Add the Internet address of the former employee.

Now all mail will be delivered that mailbox. As part of your maintenance procedure you can periodically clean the mailbox.

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