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Handle a former employee's mail, part 2

Manage an ex-employee's e-mail account with minimal administrative overhead.

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In a previous tip, Handle a former employee's mail, you learned of one way to redirect an ex-employee's e-mail to his home account. The problem with that solution is it causes additional management overhead (you need to clean out the user's mailbox regularly). A better way is to do the following:


  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers on the Exchange server (or on a system that has the Exchange admin tools installed).


  2. Select the organizational unit that stores the ex-employee's account. From the action menu at the top, choose New -> Contact. This will start the Create a New Contact wizard.


  3. Give the contact any name you wish, typically one that references the ex-employee's external address. Then click next.


  4. On the e-mail portion of the wizard, click the modify button and choose SMTP address.


  5. On the general tab, enter in the ex-employee's external/home e-mail address and click OK.


  6. Click Next to continue the wizard, then Finish to complete the contact.


  7. Next, open the Properties sheet of the ex-employee's main account (right click on account, choose Properties).


  8. Choose the Exchange General tab from the Properties sheet.


  9. Click on the Delivery Options button.


  10. Under the Forwarding Address section, bullet Forward To: and select the modify button.


  11. Find the contact that you just created as the account to forward to and choose OK.


  12. If you do not want to have to clean out this user's mailbox, uncheck the deliver messages to both the forwarding address and mailbox. (This will take any message to that mailbox and forward it to the contact specified, without leaving a message in the mailbox that retrieved the message.)


  13. If you wish to hide the main account and contact, do the following:

    Open Active Directory Users and Computers.
    From the View menu, choose Advanced Features.
    Navigate to the user you wish to hide and open that user's properties sheet (right click, choose properties).
    On the Exchange Advance tab, choose to hide from exchange address lists.

The issue with the prior tip is that you have to clear out the user's mailbox periodically, which takes up time and effort. This way, you do not have to!

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