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Handle a former employee's mail, part 5

This tip maintains customer contact, yet still removes an ex-employee from Exchange.

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The problem with the previous tips, "Handle a former employee's mail," part 1 and part 2, is that customer contact with the ex-employee is lost.

This tip maintains that contact and removes the ex-employee from Exchange. Also, the ex-employee may go on to subscribe to newsletters or spam lists giving his/her old company e-mail address. Better if no e-mails are forwarded to an ex-employee (do you forward his/her post mail or phone calls?).

So, set up an unused e-mail account hidden from the address book, give yourself user access to it and add the ex-employees e-mail address to its list of e-mail addresses (recipient properties/e-mail addresses). You have to check every day, but all you have to do is see if the e-mail is from a customer or not. E-mail from a customer can be forwarded to the relevant person who has taken over for your ex-employee, and then just delete all personal e-mail. In a short while the e-mail stops as customers start e-mailing the new employee.

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