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Handle a former employee's mail, part 6

Yet another user's take on the best way to manage ex-employee mailboxes.

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I read your recent tips on how to handle former employee e-mails. I agree with Tip #3, because you would not want company information forwarded to an ex-employee. You also need to be able to have e-mails from customers dealt with on a timely basis. If you forward e-mails from the old employee to his/her manager, they are not always sure where the e-mail is from. And if you set up a dummy box, you have to remember to check it every day or risk missing important client e-mails.

My preferred method for dealing with this is to give the manager rights to the old employee's mailbox and have them open that mailbox from their own desktop in Outlook.

Once you set it up properly, it looks like a new mailbox complete with the Outlook warnings for new pending messages. This way, the manager does not have to remember to check the mailbox -- they know exactly where the messages are coming from and can deal with business-related messages appropriately.

After some time, or when the e-mails coming in are only junk, remove the permissions and mailbox from the manager's Outlook setup.

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