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Hiding network shares

Learn how to hide irrelevant network shares that the average user shouldn't have access to, in this user-submitted network managment tip.

It is possible to create shares which aren't visible to those browsing the network. To hide a share, add a $ in the end of name for the share :


Note: When accessing the shared resource remember the $ is part of the share name.



  • This is merely a cosmetic feature that allows you to remove irrelevant shares that the average user shouldn't have access to.


  • Hidden shares should NOT be used for protecting shares from unauthorized access. If trying to protect shares from unauthorized access, normal access controls (with password) should be used.

    Finally, only Windows clients abide by the rule of not showing "hidden" shares. Linux machines will see the "hidden" shares like any other shares. There also exist applications for Windows which allows to see "hidden" shares on remote machines.

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