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How many vulnerabilities will we accept?

I'm inundated with security issues with numerous products. And, guess what? Most of them are non-Microsoft.

I subscribe to the RSS feed for security vulnerabilities. Every day I'm inundated with security issues with numerous products. And, guess what? Most of them are non-Microsoft. Most of them are open source software. And, the funny thing is that when they are issued, there is already a patch available.

What does that mean? Well, it means the vendor didn't disclose the issue until a patch was available. Is that a good thing? I guess that depends on your idea of a "good thing" is when you realize these vulnerabilities have been there for a while and the vendor didn't want to communicate it until they could figure out a way to fix it. So, does that mean most vendors can't figure out a way to fix their products for six to eight months? Apparently.

How long are we going to sit here and wait for open source application vendors to get it right? Of course, to me there is no open source -- it's still just the freeware of yesterday.


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