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How to configure the machine to reboot at a certain time

There is a command line utility shipped with the Windows Resource Kit that can be used to reboot the local machine.

There is a command line utility shipped with the Windows Resource Kit called SHUTDOWN.EXE that can be used to reboot...

the local machine:

shutdown /l /r /y /c

Where /l tells it to shutdown the local machine, /r to reboot, /c to close all programs and /y to avoid having to say yes to questions. You can then combine this with the AT command (don't forget you need the Schedule service to be running (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Services) to use the AT command) to make this happen at a certain time:

AT (time) shutdown /l /r /y /c e.g.: AT 20:00 shutdown /l /r /y /c

Additions to the AT command could be:


so it happens every day, e.g.:

AT 20:00 /every:M,T,W,Th,F shutdown /l /r /y /c

You will then be given 20 seconds before the machine is shutdown. To abort the shutdown type:

shutdown /l /a /y

This was last published in April 2001

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