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How to install and manage virtual CD/DVDs

One reader explains how to install the MagicDisc freeware utility to create and manage virtual CD/DVDs.

There are number of existing programs that can emulate CD/DVDs and mount CD/DVD images, but since I wanted to install and configure them remotely I conducted a few more searches and stopped when I found MagicDisc.

I chose MagicDisc primarily for these three reasons:

  1. It is freeware (note not all options work in the free-of-charge version, but what is necessary to me, works).

  3. You can run setup in silent mode.


  4. It is possible to operate all necessary functions from a command line.

To install MagicDisc on my remote system I created a one line INSTALL-V-CD.bat:

setup_magicdisc.exe /S

To run this script on a remote system use psexec.exe. After MagicDisc has been installed, you'll need to copy the Mount ISO.exe to your remote computer. That way, you can manage the program from a command line. The miso.exe should be located in a directory that's registered in PATH.

If you want to create a virtual CD and assign to it system letter, use the following MOUNT-ISO.bat script:

@ECHO off
miso NULL -sdrv 0
miso NULL -sdrv 1

For /F "tokens=4 delims=(,) " %%a in ('miso NULL -vlist^|find "[1]"') do Set VCD=%%a

@ECHO select volume %VCD% > %TEMP%ChangeCDDrive.txt @ECHO assign letter=S >> %TEMP%ChangeCDDrive.txt @ECHO exit >> %TEMP%ChangeCDDrive.txt

Diskpart /S %TEMP%ChangeCDDrive.txt

Del %TEMP%ChangeCDDrive.txt /Q

And finally, to mount an ISO file, you'll need to execute the following command:

miso NULL -mnt S: "ISO-IMG.ISO"

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