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How to override Active Directory policies

Ever gone to a PC to make a change to find that Active Directory policies have disabled the option? Rather than logging out/back in, you can use a reg file to temporarily turn off policies.

Have you ever gone to a user's PC to make a change to find that AD policies have disabled that option for that...

user? Rather than logging out and back in as yourself, you can double click on a registry file to temporarily turn off policies.

Create a text file named nopol.reg containing the text listed below. Then, double click the nopol.reg file in Windows Explorer and click yes when asked to add the information to the registry. The policies will temporarilty be turned off. Once the user logs back into the network, the policies re-enable themselves.

You can also add this to a batch file using the following syntax: "regedit.exe /s nopol.reg". This should work for NT4, 2000 and XP.

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